Volunteer Background Check

Safety is a top priority in all of our schools, so beginning with the 2019-2020 school year all visitors and volunteers to schools in the Upper Arlington City School District will be required to check in with our new visitor management system. This is a best practice procedure for safety and security in schools across the nation.

The SchoolSafe ID system will replace the volunteer badges that the district had previously distributed at the central office. This new system is being implemented using state safety grant funding and based on the Board of Education-approved recommendations of a safety audit conducted in 2018.

Every visitor, including school volunteers, will check in at a SchoolSafe ID kiosk in the school office using a driver’s license or valid state-issued ID. 

A visitor will scan his or her driver’s license or valid state-issued ID at the kiosk, which will compare name and date of birth to the national database of registered sex offenders. Once approved, the kiosk will then print an identification sticker, with the date and time, for the volunteer/visitor to wear while on school grounds. The entire process takes a matter of seconds.

Each visitor will also have an opportunity to create a digital pass on their phone for future visits to our buildings. You will be given the option of creating a digital pass during the check-in process that will then sent directly to your smartphone. Android users will need to download a free app called Wallet Passes before setting up their digital pass. iPhone users will be able to link their digital pass directly to the Apple Wallet app.

Please note that the system accepts only a driver’s license or valid state-issued ID and does not accept passports or visas. If a visitor does not have a driver’s license or valid state-issued ID,  we can still help you check in as a visitor at our schools. We ask that you always remember to have your state issued ID or your digital pass. Visitors will not need to use the system should they simply need to drop off something in the main office.

Beginning July 29, 2019, our new visitor management system will be fully implemented and any visitors / volunteers interested in creating a digital pass in advance of the start of the school year may do so at their student’s school. If you have students in multiple schools and wish to have a digital pass, you will need to create a separate pass at each building.

Thank you for your cooperation as we all work together to make our schools safer.